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Horizontal CNC Machining

Fitchburg Welding offers a full-service, state-of-the-art machine shop with conventional and CNC machines. We have the horizontal machining capability and expertise to provide fast and precise industrial fabrications for a wide range of horizontal CNC needs.

In the video above, you’ll see a large exhaust casing being prepared to be machined. This casing was positioned and fixtured to one of our 100,000-pound rotary tables and was set to be machined on our G&L Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill. This machine travels 31’ on the x-axis and 14’ on the y-axis. As the casing rotates, you notice the hole patterns on either side of the part. Those were machined using this boring mill.

Horizontal CNC Machining Equipment

Our horizontal CNC machining equipment enables us to machine parts with the highest quality, accuracy and speed.

  • G&L 7″ Floor Type HBM: 100,000 lb. capacity CNC Contouring Rotary Table | 372″X-Axis | 168″Y-Axis
  • FERMAT WFT 15R HBM: Fanuc 31iB-Plus Control | Table Dimensions: 78.74″ x 118.11″, 360° Rotary, 40,000# Capacity | Axis Travel: X-196.86″, Y-118.11″, Z-78.74″(Column), W-31.49″(Spindle), V-27.55″(Ram) | Universal Offset Head Attachment
  • Poreba 4.33″ CNC HBM 5 Axis: Travels 87″X-Axis x 63″Y-Axis with Built-In Rotary Table – 48″ x 60″
  • Additional Machining Equipment:
G&L Air Lift Rotary Table: 5′ x 6′
G&L Air Lift Rotary Table: 4′ x 6′
G&L Right Angled Milling & Drilling Head: Indexing Head
Pibomulti Universal Angle Head
Lucas Powerfeed Tilting Rotary Table: 4′ Dia.
Pratt & Whitney Precision Right Angle Rotary Table: 30″
(2) Sets of Precision “V” Blocks: 24″ & 48″
Multiple sets of Precision “T” Slotted Angle Plates: Up to 5′ x 10′
Horizontal CNC Equipment

Comprehensive Machining Services

Fitchburg Welding offers a wide range of custom machining with both conventional equipment and CNC machines including vertical cnc machining and gantry services. We exceed today’s high-precision, tight tolerance machining requirements for a variety of materials.

Large Capacity Machining Equipment