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Our Gantry capabilities allow us the flexibility and creativity to take on new, unique projects.

  • Two SNK Gantry mills, RB-4VM and RB-5VM. Both are fitted with an integrated 90° head attachment which allows consolidating more machining operations per set up leading to better efficiencies. Capacity of up to 246” in X, max of 114” between the columns and up to 60” under the tool.
  • A FERMAT / LUCAS 5 axis horizontal boring mill containing the latest in CNC control capabilities. Universal offset head. Capacity, 196” in X, 114” in Y and up 100” in Z from table center.
  • A CNC tilting rotary table with a 30,000 pound capacity. This has the control setup as a standalone or be able to communicate with each of the machine controls to allow for better accuracies and efficiencies.