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Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Services

One of the oldest, simplest, and most adaptable welding methods, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW, often called stick welding) has long been trusted for fabrication projects across many industries. With a team of experienced professionals and rigorous quality control standards, Fitchburg Welding Company can ensure the best results for your SMAW job.

One of the primary benefits of SMAW is its versatility. With an appropriate rod type, it can be used on steel, stainless steel, alloys such as nickel and copper, cast iron, and other ferrous metals.

Because minimal equipment is required, SMAW can be used in almost any welding position, and may help reduce project costs. However, its metal deposition rate is slower than other methods such as MIG, and can therefore be less efficient. Fitchburg can review your job’s specifications to determine if shielded metal arc welding is the right choice.

The Shielded Metal Arc Welding Process

Stick welding is a manual process that is performed in-house by an expert SMAW welder. It utilizes a consumable electrode entirely coated with flux (rather than a hollow electrode which is filled with flux, as in FCAW).

During the shielded metal arc welding process, the flux coating breaks down, creating a shielding gas. Simultaneously, the electrode melts to join the workpieces, and the molten metal is protected against atmospheric pollutants by the shielding gas. No external gas shield is required.

A slag layer is deposited on top of the weld, helping to solidify and cool it. This is later removed during the finishing process.

Our Shielded Metal Arc Welding Equipment

To provide the highest quality welds, Fitchburg maintains a complete selection of equipment for shielded metal arc welding and other industrial welding methods, including:

  • Weld positioners with adjustable height, 135° tilt, 360° rotation, and capacity up to 350,000 lbs.
  • 60,000 lb. turning roll
  • 40,000 lb. turntables
  • Fully automatic 3-axis manipulator / welding cell
  • 60″ x 60″ welding manipulator

A One-Stop Shop for Industrial Welding Services

At Fitchburg Welding, SMAW welding is only one of our comprehensive capabilities. Before welding, we cut and bevel your material and assemble all parts. After welding, we perform stress relief treatments to produce stronger joints, and magnetic particle testing and other nondestructive testing methods are used to ensure welds are free of internal voids. Shotblasting is used to remove rust and prep the surface for painting, and finally, we apply paint or coatings to your specifications. Fitchburg Welding is ISO 9001 certified for welding and fabrication services.