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Heavy Steel Plate Rolling & Forming

Fitchburg Welding can handle a myriad of heavy steel plate rolling, forming, and straightening projects. We are one of New England’s few providers of large and heavy plate rolling services, with capabilities up to 4.625” at 8’ wide and up to 1.625” at 10’ wide. Our comprehensive rolling and forming capabilities include cone rolling, small diameter rolling, and steel plate forming to your custom specifications.

steel plate rolling & forming equipment

Whether your project requires a tight radius or an unusual thickness, Fitchburg Welding can deliver the high-quality parts you need. We have more than 85 years in the industry and deep experience serving the pulp & paper, power generation, and defense industries. Get in touch with our highly experienced steel plate rolling and forming team today.

Steel Plate Rolling Equipment

Fitchburg Welding has a complete line of steel plate rolling and forming equipment, including heavy plate rolls, brakes, and other presses.

Plate Rolls

  • Sertom Variable Axis Hydraulic Roll – Capacity of 4-5/8″ x 96″ – Cone Rolling Capabilities
  • Sertom Variable Axis Hydraulic Roll – Capacity of 1-5/8″ x 120″ – Cone Rolling Capabilities

Brakes & Presses

  • 400t Pacific Press Brake 10’ B/H
  • 350t Cincinnati Press Brake 12′ B/H
  • 250t Bulldozer Press
  • 200t Moving Head Straightening Press
  • (2) 100t Vertical Presses

Heavy Steel Plate Forming & Rolling Materials

We can work with a wide range of materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel in many grades and sizes, as well as customer-provided materials. In most cases, the plate required for your project is already available on-site at our facility.

A One-Stop Shop

Fitchburg Welding is constantly expanding our capabilities. After your rolling or forming operation is complete, we can provide additional services to meet your complete needs, including fabrication and assembly, commercial welding, painting, and machining services. Fitchburg Welding is ISO 9001 certified for welding and fabrication services.

Fitchburg Welding has been a longtime customer of ours, as well as an excellent source for our value-added plate rolling and forming. They are very precise and do excellent work. Our clients always offer nothing but positive remarks in regards to the quality of the rolled, beveled and tack welded shells we send them for welding. They are good people and easy to work with.

Steve Kibling, Senior Vice President
American Alloy Steel